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Complaints Against An RMT


ARMTA takes complaints against its members very seriously. We want to ensure that our members are providing the highest quality of care in the industry and do not accept any violation of the Code of Ethics or Standards of Practice. Due to this, we have a thorough complaints process in place against our members to ensure the safety of the general public.

complaint about an rmt

As a member of the public, it is your right to make a complaint about an RMT. To know more about the process, learn more. 

Reporting unethical practice

As a member of the public, if you believe that a member has violated their Code of Ethics please report it to us immediately. 

reporting a member as a member

If you are a member of ARMTA and have a complaint about another member with proof or reasonable cause, please report the misconduct. To know more about the process, learn more. 

public notices

For any public notices about the latest news about massage therapy and the association please read more. 

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