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Reporting Unethical Practice by an RMT

If you have experience with an RMT that is a member with ARMTA that has broken their Ethical Code of Conduct or Standards of Practice a report must be made immediately. Please contact us immediately to ensure that this gets documented accurately and quickly. 

Reporting Unethical Practice

A member of the public who has a complaint about an active member that is in breach of their Ethical Code of Conduct must submit a signed complaint that is addressed to the Registrar of the Association. It will then be dealt with by the Registrar, as well as forwarded to the Board of Directors to be handled further. The Unethical Practice complaint process is structured as so:


Within 30 days of receiving the complaint, the Registrar and the Board will give notice to the member and the person who submitted the claim. If it regarding a breach of ethical conduct, the members membership will be suspended until the claim has been resolved.


After notice is given, the investigation of the complaint happens by a third-party. Upon concluding the investigation, all reports come to the Registrar, which then get shared with the board.


The Registrar and the Board then may:
(a) encourage the person who submitted the claim and the member to communicate with each other and resolve the complaint;
(b) attempt to resolve the complaint;
(c) refer the member and person who submitted the claim to an alternative complaint resolution process to resolve the complaint; (d) conduct, or appoint an investigator to conduct, an investigation into the complaint;
(e) if satisfied that the complaint is no longer an issue, dismiss the complaint, or
(f) if satisfied that there is insufficient or no evidence of unprofessional conduct, dismiss the complaint.


The Registrar will definitely recommend to the Board that the member be temporarily suspended from membership if it is a case of ethical conduct in question and there may be permanent suspension or reactivation once the outcome of the hearing is known. This temporary suspension is used in cases of allegations of serious misconduct alleging real or potential risk of harm to the public.

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