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Reporting a Member as a Member

If you have a complaint about a fellow ARMTA member with proof or reasonable cause, a report must be made immediately. Please contact us immediately to ensure that this gets documented accurately and quickly. 

Reporting a Member as a Member

An ARMTA member who has a complaint about another member must submit a signed complaint that is addressed to the Registrar of the Association. It will then be dealt with by the Registrar, as well as forwarded to the Board of Directors to be handled further. 

If an ARMTA member has proof or reasonable cause that another member has:

  • Committed any type of professional misconduct.

  • Engaged in sexual conduct with a client, a former client within a year of treatment termination, or made suggestive/sexual comments to a client.

  • Engaged in any unethical or unsafe activity while performing a treatment, including use of narcotics, alcohol or other emotional suppressants that could put the client at risk.

  • Lied about their qualifications and practicing treatments that they are not certified to do.

  • Any other unethical, dangerous or unprofessional act.

The member must report in their signed complaint to the registrar:

  • Their own name and member number.

  • The name of the member who is the subject of the report.

  • Details of the unethical, dangerous, or unprofessional act including all proof and sources the proof came from.

  • The name and contact of any client's involved, with informed consent from the patient to forward their information to the Registrar or the Board of Directors of ARMTA.

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